First compile of the day takes 200 seconds instead of 5

Usually I can compile simple changes in about 5 seconds, header changes in about 10.

However, the first compile of the day (so when I open the project after opening the computer), even without any changes, first compile takes like 200 seconds.
It gets stuck on Building 4 actions with 24 processes…

Then if I compile again right after it, it takes 0.5 seconds, so there is something wrong with that first compile. Any help is appreciated

Temporary files are created, caching occurs, Intellisense/VAX has time to finish it’s parsing (which frees up disk access), etc. That’s pretty normal.

But this is only happening recently, before that the first compile would take maximum 7-15 seconds, now it’s taking 15x that, I am sure something is wrong and not normal