First Character Model WIP

I am very new to UE4 development and 3d modeling in general, but this is a character I’ve been working on rendered in a UE4 scene. I’ve been learning various modeling techniques through online tutorials over the last year, and this is my first model, so there’s still plenty to do and learn to finish it off. It’s heavily inspired by Breath of the Wild, so using SaimonMa’s toon shader branch of the engine ( has helped achieve this look for anyone else hoping to do the same. I still have a long ways to go to finish this character, but it’s at a point where I think it’s decent enough to share. Any feedback is welcome! Particularly any advice on hair modeling techniques…The hair I have now looks nice, but is still very high poly. While I’m happy with most of the topology of the character, the hair is still a nightmare for me trying to figure out the best solution. This is a side hobby of mine I’ve started, and I’d love to make it into a game one day as I continue to learn new skills and techniques. Anyways, Cheers all!