First bug in 4.8 preview 1 ...and 2


I just created a project based on FPS BP template.
Once you jump with the character, the arms go into a shaking frenzy :slight_smile:

Although the mannequin looks better than the blue guy, the blue guy FPS mesh at least had a mockup gun mesh.
Looks a bit funny without…:rolleyes:

Hey KVogler-

Thanks for letting us know. It’s been bugged (UE-15067) and we’ll get that fixed asap. To fix the issue in your own project you just need to switch the “FirstPerson_JumpStart Asset” node for the “FirstPerson_JumpEnd Asset” node in the machine state transition from FPP_JumpEnd to FPP_Idle. This will cause the animation to end properly after landing.


No Problem.
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Another thing.
I just created a new map, placed some brushes and a player start in it, but in PIE I have no control and the mannequin is not drawn…
Is adding a player start no longer enough to get started ona new map?

Also the maps from the starter content are not “playable”.
Im quite puzzled about how to set up the player character and movement for a new map…
At the moment I just duplicated the default startzer map, which works, but isnt a solution…

Solved here:


I saw you partially fixed the issue with the twitching arms.
There is however a flaw in the fix:

Instead of “CurrentTime”, you use the “Time Remaining” one…
This causes the left wrist to temporarily snap off at the end of the jump.

So correct asset now, but wrong node :stuck_out_tongue: