First ArchViz shots

Heres a livingroom I made today, helping my mom and dad vizualise their new windows:
Modeled the chairs and tables in Maya. The rest is from Epics assets.

Lightmap is ok. For the life of me I don’t understand why you made the walls look it was from the largest tree in the universe. Scale that **** down! Also, I find IES profiles for lighting to help bump the realism a whole lot. Keep us updated

Looking good, though as Aljosja84 suggested I would scale down the wood material a bit more. Keep it up. =)

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: Mom and dads house is over 100 years old (not kidding) and have a wallconstruction like this:
cd632691b35775bf8a293aac5d58f98d419599f4.jpeg So I stretched the meshes to simulate those big walls. But I think I will make one wallpice and build it up from there,
instead of streatching as you said.

It should not be hard to find a similar wood texture on the internet and make your own material from it. It will look much more realistic!

I found some here made in MODO:
Think I will try to recreate them in MODO myself, as I tried in Maya, but the new sculpting-tools isnt quite optimized yet.

This will add a lot of geometry to your scene. A wooden texture wouldn’t be enough?

I sculpted a woodblock, using 3D-Coat. Will post more shots when I have improved the scene :slight_smile:

100 years? That’s incredible. What a pleasant little house, I really like it. =) Can’t wait to see more of your visualization. For the wood, you could also source the texture from the actual home itself. Would increase the realism.

Thanks :slight_smile: I have made the new walls now. But after reinstalling Windows 8.1, I have to do the whole thing over again.
I see now that the spotlights is abit off, so if anyone got some tips to get them in line, it would be great.