First Archviz + Gameplay

Hi everyone,

This is my first attempt on UE4 with archviz, I came from 3dsMax and I used to work with Vray so I wanted to know the possibilities with this very good engine !

Don’t hesitate to comment and keep in mind that UE4 is totally new to me :o

Here is the link :

Thanks (from France) :wink:

Good Work!

Very good first go at it! I like your camera moves and music choice.

Thanks !

After seeing the video again, I can notice that some moments are quite long during the gameplay session :stuck_out_tongue: but as I mention in my first post, it’s just a test with simple geometry and materials.

I didn’t watch that part, the game play. :stuck_out_tongue:

The break between the two parts is too long actually so maybe it’s why you haven’t seen it.

You wouldn’t know it’s your first attempt. Excellent work.

Thank you very much,

My next projet will be more complete with better lighting, materials and interactivities.