First Archviz Attempt

Hi everyone!

I have made my first project in UE4 and I thought maybe you guys have some advice for me. Looking forward to all kind of tips and comments :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Very nice scene. I think the background perspective doesn’t match very well tho. But i know its a pain sometimes to find a decent and fitting background. Nice rift demo!

Very nice, I think you can crank up the Lightmass settings. And yeah, the background does detract from the experience. :slight_smile:

Excellent first start but to point out a few things.

For Vis

The level of detail on some props is far to low to sell the ideal of being realistic excluding the ideals of realism. The counter top stove and oven look painted boxes that demands that the detail needs to be there to sell it. There are just something that paint can not replace geometry and for vis there is no need to save a few thousand just for performance.

Far to much AO to the point it stands out.

The second fly through looks more like a screen cap from an animated camera. Did you use Matinee?

As a tip the number one goal of vis is to get the render and using Matinee you can use a cinematic camera, control the output resolution up to 4K as well the playback speed.

Example of a “test” I did back a bit.

Still has AO problems but the result was much more full at full screen and at 120 FPS, although I now believe there is no need for more than 60, the camera does not look like it’s being dragged around.

To make nice video it’s almost necessary to upscale the res to 2k or 4k and record that way.

@OP, disable the fake AO and bump Lightmass G.I settings and it will look even better. For the background, you don’t have to use a huge sphere, you can put some planes and mask the sky part. That way the background won’t look distorted.
Arch-viz videos must have a slow placing…the goal is to make the viewer appreciate the finest details of your architecture after all!