First ArchViz attempt

Hello everyone!

This is my first project doing ArchViz, I’ve gotten a hang of lightmaps and getting everything converted in UE4 format. Working on lighting currently and trying get to an entire new level of lighting my scene, this will be a live demo walkthrough but I’m running into a problem now with creating more realistic lighting.

I will show a breakdown of how I am lighting my scene so you guys could give me some advice helping me to solve this.


This is my lighting setup currently, the main light source controlling the direction, indirect lighting is my Directional light, 10 Intensity, 6 Indirect lighting intensity. With that being thrown into the scene I baked my lighting, on preview, after that it was fairly dark so I then dropped a skylight (with no baking) to control the lighting further. My wall lightmaps are currently all set at 2048 res, most assets are either 512-2084.

The lighting that I’d like to end up with is something along the lines of :

Now my second question is how much of these are just due to very good materials? Currently I only have very simple base placeholder materials as I wanted to nail my lighting and lightmaps first.

And here is my scene without the UI


Thank you guys for your time and look forward to reading what you guys have to say :slight_smile:


Slight update, put white reflecting cards in front of window in the living room with 450 intensity (to fill up the room more) and bedroom light about 85 intensity. Also tweaked all my lightmaps to 256 for a quick lightmap bake/test and then through in a skylight to soften my light up a tad with a .25 intensity.

More tweaking, new appliances, added some doors getting my lighting where I feel it needs to be, this is a rather low build for lighting so some of my shadows are not as soft as they will be in a better build, C&C are welcome :slight_smile:



So have a question with wall color accents, which one do you guys think fits better?

Red - 5b75cf595d8c6d8e2f56bf8f8d432c413b9c6275.jpeg

Blue - bluepaint.jpg

Teal(ish) - a70921b5e329628cad70bcd19da6365f66655b47.jpeg


Pretty good! looks a little empty though. But still, Good job! :slight_smile:

cool scene but the bump on the walls is a bit extreme!!! keep it up! good work.

@94 Currently it’s empty cause I wanted to really nail my lighting and atmosphere with the bigger parts of the scene in place, I will do a beauty pass with extra props :slight_smile:

@heartlessphil I’ll see what I can do about that, I use two different types of roughness maps to give it a little flavor but only is viewed in certain angles, let me know what you think, thanks!


Nice work. I prefer the teal out of all colors, it’s more subtle yet still manages to contrast. Keep up the good work. =)


Glad to see you are adding stuff! You did quite a good job!

Hey guys thanks for the comments, I have a question for you though, is there anyway to have a white card out of the window to cast that light but have it appear invisible in game as well as have an outside area?


you are going in right direction, need to control light burning though. Put a plane in backside of the window, check “Actor Hidden in game” in details panel of the plane then use a spot light in direction of the plane to bounce light back in the room to produce soft environment shadows. Example image attached


Hey guys, long time!

Sorry about my absence but I am back in the grind. I am currently looking to take this project even further but I have run into some issues, mainly being packaging.
I have seen some documents on the packaging but I still am not able to produce a proper build. I tried to package my first project and it ate up nearly 47 gbs before I canceled it. So wondering if I can get some advice on how to do this properly and I am sorry if this was asked before but I have not found a proper solution to my problem, thank you!

nice project!!

Hey everything looks good but I think your Lightmass settings can be turned up a lot more (eg. I was playing with some Marketplace content as follows and got some really nice (baked) GI looks:

May I ask, What are your Lightmass World, etc. settings?

Hello @srmojuze

These are my settings currently for my lightmass


Cool… You did mention above you were doing some basic light builds while iterating. I would recommend: Static Lighting Level to 0.5, Indirect Lighting Quality to 5.0, maybe Diffuse Boost to 0.5. And of course Production Quality build when finally rendering.

Just my personal preferences learning UE4 after a few years of learning Unity. I’m sure other ArchiViz pros will turn up the settings even more?

PS. Untick Compress Lightmaps, that speeds up application of lightmapping at the end of the Swarm process thingy.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I use 0.8 to 1 scale, 10 quality, 100 bounces, 0.65 smoothness. Lightmaps resolution 64 to 2048. Uncompressed. Epic quality. Works great so far in my scenes!

Thanks guys for the advice, I’m still currently having issues packaging it but will be researching a way to get it finished.

This is a early WIP walkthrough, some of my geometry isn’t correctly aligned and so on so keep that in mind.

C&C always welcome, thanks!

Nice mirror in the bathroom. The exterior background perspective is a bit off imo but you probably already know it. Good job keep it up.

Very nice, would love to see the quality cranked up (Production Build) as per @heartlessphil’s suggestions: “I use 0.8 to 1 scale, 10 quality, 100 bounces, 0.65 smoothness. Lightmaps resolution 64 to 2048. Uncompressed. Epic quality.”