First added struct to struct array has no data

Hey there,
I have a little problem with my user created waypoints system.
The Player can enter his coords (X and Y) and a name for his waypoint, after pressing the “create button” there should appear a button in the list above with its waypoints name and the distance to it.
The first button gets created but has no data in it and only appears after every “clear child” on bottom of the list, every other buttons after the first one has data and are in the right order…

I have asked a friend if I made any mistake, but he can´t find anything wrong, that´s why I went to the forums, but there was no one who can or want help me, so I created the question now here^^

Would be nice if anyone can help me, I have now wasted more than enough time with this problem…

Hi there,

Could you please have a look at the Designer and make sure you did not leave a manually placed ‘test button’ in your wrap (?) box.

There´s nothing in the “WrapBox” and the Struct Array in the Player_BP is empty, too. (I have now replaced the WrapBox with a ScrollBox, because the WrapBox was only needed in an older version, thx for this note)

I have added now a “Remove from Parent” node after the “construct/refresh” loop has finished and a “Branch” with a “Sequence” to the “Event_ClickedButton” to create the first added waypoint twice, seems like it´s fixed now… (Without the Sequence, the first user created button would disappear)

But the general problem, why the first button has no data and appears on bottom is not solved…