first - 3rd person camera need help


So i have successfully added a first and 3rd person camera in the 3rd person gamemode that you can change with a key.

I know have deleted my 3rd person character because i bought soldier dark off the market place. I have followed the instruction to get the skin to work but when i hit play I spawn from were my camera was last. I have tried dragging the char out to the level but still spawn where the camera is and dont spawn were i palced the character in the level any idea? I have also applied the same process of adding the 2 cameras but it is not working for me.

any idea?


Sounds to me like you just placed a skeletal mesh in the editor, make sure you’ve set up your pawn correctly! Otherwise youll just spawn as a random default camera with movement input!

Should cover most of it in case you missed anything :slight_smile:

-make sure that you have enabled the right gamemode in your world settings
-in your gamemode you should add the right character bp
-do you have a player start in your level? :slight_smile: