Firing a bullet that moves player

I’m looking for advise or general direction that I can use to build my knowledge up. i’m using the default first person mode which has a prebuilt gun & projectile.

I’m trying to modify it, so that the projectile will hit another player character (simple 2 player) and will move them proportionally in the direction of the projectile (with projectile disappearing). Seems relatively simple, but I’m tearing my hair out here!

any advise greatly appreciated!

Hello scrotey,

I gave this a quick try and I got it somewhat working. You could try this and see if that’s what you had in mind. Maybe someone else has a better idea how to approach this.

Open blueprint for the character you want pushed and select your capsule collision component, scroll down to Physics. Tick box enable physics, expand Constraints and tick lock rotation (XYZ).
Open your projectile blueprint and try using this code, it’s pretty much a default thing in projectiles but I’m posting screenshots below for clarity.

Let me know if this was helpful.


Thanks but unfortunately this does not seem to work. When I add the physics and lock the rotation, my character cannot move? It shoots the other character just fine so that works. Any idea why I cannot move?

To clarify, my character model is sat on a basic item (cube) sat in space. Maybe my issue is that I need to set the environment up better as well?

Appreciate the help! :slight_smile: