Firewall issues

I’ve been searching but haven’t found enough detailed info.

Our computer lab for our school is behind an aggressive firewall.

Students are unable to login to game launcher or the market place. I’ve found two URLs listed as not accessible in the log file and whitelisted them but still have no luck. I attached the log file. (hope that is ok)

What all needs to be open for the students to login and get to the marketplace?

The below Academic Install documentation page shares best practices for schools behind proxy serves advising about which ports are best left open for Unreal Engine to function correctly.
“If your school’s network is behind a proxy server, it is a best practice to use the UE4 on GitHub build because the Launcher will not run behind the server. If, however, you prefer to use the Launcher version behind the proxy server, contact your IT department to have them open port 7777 or 7778. Keep in mind, though, that opening these ports does not always enable the Launcher to open or update behind a proxy server.”

In addition, here’s some documentation on distributing the Launcher that’s kinda hidden:

Your best bet is to use a less locked-down machine, then mirror the installation to the other machines in the lab. Students can use the launcher in offline mode to manage projects and vault content.