Fireplace fuel system Issue!


First off all, I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong part of the forum! Wasn’t sure where to post this.

Anyhow, so now to the issue. So I was creating a Blueprint for a fireplace with a fuel system, I got the fuel system working (If the fire have no fuel it dies, etc). The issue is when I want to refill the fuel using objects. So I have a branch object which when the player picks up he can (If close to the fire) use to refuel the fire. So far so good. The issue is that when I use the branch the Fuel doesn’t go up! I have created a custom event to call from the object which is used (The branch) to the fireplace to refill the fuel by 50 when used but nothing happens. The BP works fine on the branches end but the custom event doesn’t fire off in the Fireplace BP.

Here are some images to explain:

First off all here you can see the fuel system bar on top of the fire (The flame icon) should fill up the more fuel it has.

Here is an image of the Branch Blueprint, as you can see. When the player is close to the fire he can use the object and the custom event will fire off to the Fireplace.

And here is an image of the Fireplace BP.


The BP works fine on the branches end but the custom event doesn’t fire off in the Fireplace BP.

Try to put a breakpoint on where your custom even it, Then check the value of your input variable. If this is the fireplace the pawn is near it should fire. I think it may not be referencing the instance of the fireplace the pawn is near. I could be wrong but try the breakpoint. If it is the case, try adding a collision sphere to your pawn. Have it overlap and cast to your fireplace, then set your fireplace variable. This might fix it. I hope this helps, please let me know if not I will try to assist any way I can.

Thanks for a response! I tried what you said and the breakpoint is indeed working correctly in the branch BP. The condition that checks if player is close to the fireplace or not is working as intended. What doesn’t work is when the Custom event fires off on the Branches side nothing at all happens in the Fireplace blueprint. The Custom event doesn’t trigger even though I have told it to trigger in the Branch BP.

EDIT: Decided to redo the system from scratch and now got it fully working! :slight_smile: Most of the fuel system is now driven from the Player character BP which made it all work.

Glad to hear you got it working.