Hello and greeting to you!
This is my first time in this site. I was very curious about the Gamer type art and also about the , endless type of art ware that one could do;or use.The graphics and the texture and other type of display of colors and settings . Well what ever the scene, happen to be.
So I have a lot of questions pertaining to down loading the Unreal 4 engines . Do I have to pay a cost at any time that just to learn the soft ware or use the engine in order to make the art.
I’ve in a way that I been looking for a graphic design or gamer type of art.
This is my first time that I’d been on here and very little or no experience in the field , much a less alone to find out where the artware or the materials that come with it; to do the job that make the life easier to do the setting the system right . I know I would have to get an idea going to make it work ,or at least trying to get off the with the materials to make money right?,Preferably!
I was told that it was free to use it .Only unless to make a buck with it.Then the procedes goes to your company.Right !
Can you elaborate on it?
The making of the characters and also the art work and the materials ;it would be mentioned that it was Unreal 4 engine stuff.The only reason that I’m hesitant about the download was the You Tube selection that was said to be of an $20.00 a month,for the use of the project.
So tell me Am I going to pay for it.
I watched this last night and was Blown away by it and couldn’t believe my eyes the art work that is being displayed.And for free to.
The only thing is that I’m a bit a limited in my hard ware (laptop)wise.and have a chance to use an regular desk top.with a lot more memory or at least the power to tansform things into reality .
Would this apply to me to?A(power to dream)well misappropriated; term to describe the best I can be to seen to say.
So How about you!What you say!
Back at you(answer me back)! Is there a virus or a any attachments or will it be an cost to me in the end,with having it?

You can download for free immediately. The $20 fee is no longer necessary.

If you sell something, then you must pay 5% royalty if you make more than $3,000 a quarter

welcome to the forum:)

nope, no cost at all for having it, if you have antivirus on your computer you might get a virus warning when installing but its not a virus and there aren’t any attachments.