Fire won't change color on brazier tutorial

When i go to make the point light change color(255, 185, 100)and hit ok it doesn’t change color and the tutorial particle system is supposed to be positioned at 45.25 cm high but it looks better at 110 cm high. Also i don’t know if i am converting the brazier to a blueprint right. the button does not say convert to blueprint and i don’t see candyland like it does on the picture.(I’m using 4.13 if it has been changed since)Please help.

Hey there, Please post which tutorial you’re using so others can see and help if need be. Second tutorials are there for you to learn and not just to replicate, If something looks better for you with a different shape, color or w/e then ofc go for it.

Thanks for the reply, I’m using the working with components and actors tutorial(The one that you learn the brazier.) The problem is that it does not change color, or at least i did not see a change. R 255
G 185
B 100
Sorry if i sounded like a whiny ***ch in the first post.