Fire Type dinos

Hey All,
Just a quick question. I am trying to make a fire type of a Dino. What do i need to do to complete this. I have an understanding that i will need to do a buff but have no clue how to do one.

I want it so when a Dino is attacked by that Dino it decreases its health by 25%. Is it possible?? Also it would help to point me in the right direction with ice so when a Dino is hit by it, it increases its torpor.

If you could help it would be great thanks in advance.


This is pretty easy actually. Under all dinos attacks, there is a damage type option. Projectiles also have a damage type. Under damage type, you have options for adding torpor or applying a buff upon attack. Buffs also have their own options for torpor and DoTs. You can also have a buff decrease speed of a hit dino.

Damage type also includes the harvest component.

Another thing, the “Damage type modifier” setting under each dino allows you to make a dino immune to attacks of its own type. Check out the wyvern character status bps to see how it is done.

Ok i can see that, thanks :slight_smile: However if i was going to create my own buff to do a custom amount of damage how would i go around doing it? Do i have to blueprint or is there an option to change?