I want my character to lift his hand up while running, if he has got the fire-torch, without pressing any key.

Condition: (without pressing any key)
if equipped with fire-torch=hand up while running
if not equipped with fire-torch=back to normal walk/run animation

Thanks in advance!

There are a few different ways to do this, not really knowing what you have ill start with this one:
Part one is to make sure you have set up a socket to hold the torch on the character, and I’m guessing you are using a particle system for the fire so make sure that is set up as well.

Youll need to modify your state machine to accomplish this:
first you will need to have equip/unequip states that plays your animations to pull out/put away the torch.
next you will want to create a new run/walk/idle state that has a separate walk animation in which the character is holding something up. This would probably link after you have equipped your torch. You can use an Boolean of “equip” for this.

If this doesn’t help I would watch some tutorials on youtube dealing with sheathing weapons and using sockets to get a good grasp on things.

Good luck!

Thanks Katix!
The only problem I am facing is my character does’t run while doing torch hand straight up. I wish my character run, while holding torch hand straight up.

I want help in state machine. It should have logic if equipped with torch, then perform the torch action with run.