Fire Spreading system | Looking for beta tester | Feature requests


I’m in the process of publishing a plugin, allowing easy fire spread ( could be any other things, poison splash or anything ), and i’m looking for requests/ feedback to make it more friendly to other game creators

here what i intend to offer with this plugin :

  • simple but efficient spreading system, it’s just a technical module, not art is provided nor damage system, this is all game specific.
  • it’s usable from both c++ and blueprints
  • target price is ~15€/20€
  • propagation is already possible, but i intend to make it easier based on feedbacks;
  • meant for pc/console as many particles rendering is heavy

So if you are interested in surch system and have specific request / would be interested to give your feedback on it feel free to tell :slight_smile:

here an exemple of an incendiary grenade ( one shot splash ):