Fire projectile blueprint

I’ve made a blueprint to have the player character fire a projectile but I seem to be missing something to make it work. Does anyone know what it is?

Could you perhaps elaborate on what isn’t working? does the Bullet actor not spawn at ? does it spawn but is not visible? does it not move?

Also, I’m not 100% sure on this but maybe you need to set the location offset (30) to something higher either way have you made sure that the the bullet actor does not collide with your character?

If your using the controller for you player you shouldn’t have to cast. But you have to set your controller for the character. I would set up the whole spawning of the projectile in the controller, then get player pawn or actor for location to spawn it.

I would do a little different. I would make a Blueprint for your bullet that has movement in it. Make sure you have “Input Axis” mapped for you to be able to fire. Then spawn the Bullet BP in front of you. Done. Here is a 5min tutorial on how to do so.