Fire Particle - from Blender Smulation to UE4

I think the title is self-explanatory but…
I used Blender to make a Fire and Smoke Simulation and render two tile sets with that, So i setup it in the UE4 Particle System with some more ember particles and that’s what i got. First use of a Particle System and First time using Blender Simulation, so it was a very good study for me. Hope you like it.

Your fire got the right shape and motion, Your smoke doesn’t look good enough both shape and quality. It looks way too repetitive and motionless almost. I even notice some flickering between your smoke going back and forth, Your embers look like glowing globes more than embers.

I understand that you just started though with the sims so let me give you a quick tip about smoke on sims. Do only a puff of smoke that lasts for 30 to 64 frames to 100 frames (the more frames the higher the smoke texture size). For a 100 frame smoke i would go up to 2048 tops, Normally 1024 would be enough though depending on the scale, In UE4 try to give the smoke some random rotation and some constant rotation, Should make it look better.

@vBalbio can you share the process used to make texture atlas from rendered images?

Not OP, but if you use Photoshop, you can use the Contact Sheet automation to quickly create a texture atlas from rendered frames. (or, the same technique in Nuke, if you’re using that)

Ok, thanks for the tip.
Did you export greyscale images (with alpha) from blender or colored (RGBA) ?
Also did you render fire and smoke on simultaneously or on different images.

I’m also trying to build fire anim in blender and export it for UE4.


I’m new to exporting to game engines so is there a tutorial of some kind that shows a way for me to export fire/smoke simulations for Unreal Engine 4 ?

I would advice against it. The contact sheet stuff in photoshop is fubar.
Use instead.