Fire Event Randomly with increasing frequency

I’m making a basic ‘Wack-A-Mole’ game while I’m learning UE.

The moles rise up, get clicked and then go back in their holes again. I’m raise the mole actors using a Timeline, but this doesn’t give me the randomness I want nor the increasing speed the ‘Raise Mole’ event is fired as the game gets harder.

My current blueprint extract is below.

What should I be doing to randomly fire the Raise Mole event with the ability for the fire frequency in increase over time?

Hi Dam0,

I would suggest using a timer that get set to happen more frequently every time it fires. You can then use a “Random Float in Range” to change that up. Eventually it will just be constantly firing, so you will want to probably set a Float Clamp to make sure there is at least some time between raised moles.

Here is an example:

Let me know if that helps you.


great, thank you.

Hello, I am making something similar to your game however I don’t know how to get the raise Mole part. I have done it in Mantinee but somehow can’t reference it if I make it a custom event.