Fire Bullet from Right Virtual Joystick - Mobile Game

Hello guys, i’m trying to make a mobile Top Down Game just for fun and learning and i’m facing a problem with shooting script.
I want to make my character shoot when I move the right Virtual Joystick so I make this blueprint script :

I’m a newbie in UE4 so I just try to follow tutorial but I don’t find anything about shooting with virtual joystick on web so I try to adapt them to my project.
With this blueprint, in the game, bullet are always shooting and make my character bump everywhere in the map.
Thanks in advance for your help !


I also need the same thing with the joysticks and I do not think any tutorial or anything like that

First, in your project settings, open the input tab and create an axis input binding to the Right Thumbstick. Then on your BP, you create an event for the input you created and call fire after that. For joystick you just add another bind to the same Axis Input.