"Fire" Anim Montage Not Playing

I have an Anim Montage for a fire animation that’s around 0.1 second long, and it won’t play. I have tried using the DefaultBody and my custom UpperBody animation slots, both don’t do the trick. I’ve also tried changing the blend in/out times and the rate scale of both the animation and the montage. Is this because the animation is too short? I tried downloading this project here: And not even that project works since the fire animations are really short, just like mine. Is this a bug for very short animations or something else?

Using version number 4.7.6

Fire animation:

2015-04-20 14_26_24-RaptureProject - Unreal Editor.jpg

Fire Montage:


Need to see the Event and AnimGraph. To test to see if its to long or to short change the Rate Scale to say .2 and it should play out slower to see with out having to rekey.