Fire an event with KillZ


I was wondering if there’s an event that exists in blueprint that triggers when the player is destroyed by the KillZ. When the player gets destroyed by the KillZ, I would want an event to fire, so that it triggers the death I have already made in blueprint. At the moment, if the player falls out the world, he just disappears after a short while and the game is kind of soft-freezed because nothing happens after that. So let’s say for example the player glitches through the world, I would want to at least have that safety net that when he hits the KillZ, he still dies like normally and gets respawned, so that he doesn’t have to manually close the game and restart (That would be quite bad).

Or, if anything, a way to turn off the KillZ entirely and I guess I could add a gigantic trigger for fail-safe under the world that triggers the death, but I would like to find another solution than this if possible.

If you have any question or need precisions, let me know!

Thank you very much!

bump! found out anything in meanwhile?

Sadly not! :frowning:

you could bind an event on the pawns destruction. When the player pawn hits the killZ it gets destroyed so you would just get a reference to the pawn at begin play and bind event on destroyed then have your respawn based on that. You’d have to do some check based on Z location and probably come up with a better way to determine where to respawn, but as the basics go its not really any different than a normal death.

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Thank you very much for the help, it works! :slight_smile: Really appreciate it!

It does indeed work!

someone answered. the solution seems pretty good to me. i could live with that

Thanks, man! Really appreciate! It helped me alot :slight_smile: I just needed to make some game over screen when player dies in killz and it helped me