Fire an event after actors are destroyed?

Hey all! How would I be able to trigger an event after the AI actors are destroyed. Currently I have the game set up where OnEndOverlap (a weapon) It fires off an event that makes static meshes come from the ground and AI spawn as well as starting music. But I cant figure out how to stop the music and make the static meshes disappear again after the “fight”. Any ideas?

Quite simply don’t destroy the AI actor till you finish the event just make him hidden and disable collision or hide him under the floor, after some delay just use the references that you have from him to close music and remove meshes then destroy the actor.

Im not sure Im tracking. This is what i have for that event trigger. Thank you for the response!

Well first of I don’t see anything about actors destroyed and all I see here is spawn, to shut off the sound you need to do Spawn Sound and not play sound, save its reference and then just do Stop to the reference when your condition happens, if you spawned actors is the meshes you talking about then just add them into an actor array variable and do Destroy Actor with a Foreach loop when the condition is met. Good luck.

Okay Ill look into it! I appreciate the response and the help!