Fir tree with "planes" around leaves

H i , I imported an FBX of a fir tree and the textures and created a material , but in the static mesh I see like planes or paper folds around the leaves, any ideas why this is or what I may have done wrong? Here is a pic of the tree. thanks

When you import the material only contains a texture.
you need to actually create a proper foliage material and add the relevant textures.

its complicated, you should take the materials master class within the academy to learn.

In a gist. The image needs an alpha map, the material has to be set to foliage, two sided needs to be checked, and the alpha needs to be plugged into the alpha map.
you also need to inject a color into the sub surface. That’s the color leaves take when the sun shines behind them.

yea I got the texture plugged in on base color and added a normal and plugged it in and checked two sided , but didn’t see any option for alpha. Where would I set it to foliage? In the parameters?

Opacity mask. I think. Haven’t worked on my foliage master material in over a year.

you should really watch the materials classes stuff in the academy. They offer all the info you need.