FInterp To in a function not working!?

you all know the “trick” to store the “Interp To”-output in a variable and put this variable in the current-Input.
I try this in a function with a local variable but this doesnt work!


Interp functions normally need to be run on tick, on a loop or from a timeline’s update, is this the case here?

I wrote “in a function”.
And of course Interp need a tick… but thats not the point.
Interp doesnt work correct with local variables in a function to store current/output - thats the problem!

Ok… I was diligent :wink:
Look at the screenshot.
I create a very simple BP that generates interpolated values every second between 0 and 1.
With a normal variable it works perfect.
The other both versions generates just values around 0.02… like you use the “FInterp To” without a variable.
I hope anyone can understand what I mean. :slight_smile: