Finterp set duration in seconds?

I am wondering how could I set interpolation between two values with duration, instead of the default “speed”. The speed is very vague, and I don’t have much idea about it’s timing.

Here is seen that I am using different “function” for different cases, and setting it’s position thorugh finterp constant - though as I said, I have no cloe if I want the transition to be one second, how to set it with the speed correctly:

Thank you.

Hey again :slight_smile:

The interp nodes are intended to be a constant interpolation on Tick, not having a start and end really. That’s why there’s no specified timing.

Timelines with a specified curve or iTween Float From/To is the way to go for this use case:

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Never mind, I used timers instead, and it’s much cleaner too. There I can set specific duration, and through mapping the range and clamping it, I get clean 0 - 1 alpha values, which I can then feed to Ease node. I have this in an actor component class, so I can pretty much have it anywhere to modify rotation of components - without using timelines or lerps. Screenshot if it helps anybody: