fInterp on Add actor Offset : Framerate dependency?

Hello there,

I’ve been spending a full day trying to figure out why my custom movement on my Pawn Actor would be framedependant, even though I injected the Delta Seconds factor into it.

It took me a while to narrow it down (as my script is quite complex now), but even a very simple version such as this (screens below) is affected by this problem.

Basically my player pawn (and not character) would travel something like 400 cm/s at 60fps and 1000 cm/s at 90fps.

What did I do wrong?

Ok, I finally figured this out.
So for anyone interested here is the solution :

So, basically, what was wrong was thinking that the interp function would output a value based on delta second, and that would suffice. It does adjust the interpolation based on the Delta Seconds but that will only adjust the Interpolation Curve.
The final result that is sent to the Add Actor World Offset would behavethe same as giving a static value, you STILL NEED to multiply it by the Delta Seconds to prevent a framerate dependency.

Hope that will help others, as I often saw this mistake on tutorials on youtube.

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