FInterp doesn't seem to interp

hello again,

i’m trying to animate an actor on the z-axis only going up and down a pole, depending on other things that are happening. I don’t want the actor to just jump up and down the pole but move smoothly along between points…
Right now I’m using Set Actor Location and ‘FInterp To’ to plug a float into Make Vector on the Z axis. The float starts at -200 and goes up 60 every time it’s triggered.

Weirdly, right now, it’s going up based on the Interp Speed of the ‘FInterp To’ node…so 1 in this case. And when it goes up it isn’t interpolating…it just jumps up.
The Delta Time is plugged into the delta seconds on the Event Click

Any help would be much appreciated! Been racking my brain for hours, trying tons of different stuff…but I’m sure there’s something simple I’m missing! Thanks!


If you want just an up/down movement , you can you a timeline + lerp node

thanks for the help. i tried a timeline, too…but i can’t seem to get it. when i do the timeline there is interpolation on the first lift up but then after that it jumps to each new target and seems to ignore the lerp…any ideas? thanks so much!


i connected the end of that loop to Play from Start and it’s sort of doing what i need…not at the speed i need, though…and i’m getting an error sometimes about an array get error on just 4 and 5…weird…any other ideas? i must be doing something pretty wrong…