Finished Prototyped Dark Survivor

Welcome to this thread. Please leave comments so I could possibly get better by.

My name is Justin and I also go by SoraJr on the web. I’ve always wanted to be a video game designer and here I am. One year and eight months later I finally have something to show for it. I’m self taught, by the way!

  • GAME

The name of this prototype is Dark Survivor. It’s a Hack’n Slash, RPG, story driven game. Since I’m not a programmer, even using BluePrints, I couldn’t get the vision of this game at 100%. But none the less, I’ve tried with visuals and music.


A horror style game, such as Devil May Cry. Fast paced, such as Kingdom Hearts 2 or Metal gear Solid Rising Revengeance. If this adds to a theme, I would like the difficulty to be similar to Dark Souls or Ninja gaiden. AKA, really hard :smiley:


The main character Justin, which is me, was sent to The Zone; a limbo like place. Justin must fight to save himself. Along the way he uncovers some truth surround him and gains a new friend to help him fight the soulless. Justin was sent to The Zone as a soul, not a human being, to be sacrifice to the god of a cult. In sacrificing Justin, the family would be granted good fortune. The family brought Justin over, through manipulation, as he was unaware all this was happening.


This site won’t let me upload pictures for some reason, I’ve tried everything I could to insert screenshots of the prototype game I worked hard on. So I uploaded everything on twitter


  • Gameplay


As seen on the game, I’ve used 3D-Models from as well as
One texture under the Creative Commons license, found HERE
Royalty Free Music HERE & HERE