FINISHED game looking for programmers!

Hello everyone!

**In short: **The whole game design is finished. We are looking for programmers to make it all work!

What game is this?
Titanforged Entertainment has been working on a multiplayer tabletop game called Game Night for 8 months. We have finally reached the finish line for the design part! This includes UI, 3D models and textures. The only thing that is missing now is the programming part.The game will be out on Steam once finished! More info about the game:

Programmers needed!
The team is looking for motivated and talented programmers for the project. We don’t need you to be professional but you certainly need to be skilled in what you do. The project is not meant to be for beginners since there is a lot to take care of. Programming language and the use of UE4 will be discussed further when contacting us! There are no requirement on that part.

How do I apply?
Only apply if you are motivated, skilled in your programming language and feel like this would be a “piece of cake” for you! Again, this is not intended for beginners. If you want to join the team or have more questions, feel free to message me here or at my discord: Nafei#9413

We will be happy to hear from you!