Finished Environments and Characters

Hey all, I just recently launched my portfolio and can now show off some of the work I’ve done over the past few months. Link in the signature for those interested in freelance work, otherwise here are the pictures. More shots can be found on my portfolio.

The characters have fully customizable materials, which allow me to tweak up to 4 colors, and 4 unique PBR values and detail normals through masking. Excited to finally be able to show these, and a new environment off. =) As you can no doubt tell, hair isn’t one of my strongest skills at the moment. At any rate, hope you like them!

Nice work overall. The handling of the sci-fi environments is particularly strong. I like how you thought ahead with the costume designs to be able to easily trade out colors, etc. through masking. Keep up the good work!

Thanks ! Yeah masking is very powerful and allows for an incredible amount of customization, as I’m sure you’re aware. =)