Finish line Help please

Hello! i dont know if this is in the right place, move it if its not. Im new to Unreal engine and i would just like to know how i can make like a finish line or how i make it so when i touch for example a cube, the game ends and i win. can someone tell me how i can do that? Thanks

Hi Tjorvar,

The finish line itself can be a box volume that triggers an event on overlap (you can use a box component on a blueprint actor that handles the ‘on overlap’ event).
As for finishing the game though, that will depend on the game you are making and what is supposed to happen when you win.

There are many examples on the ‘learn’ tab of the launcher, and many tutorial videos and wiki articles as well. Having a look at those (especially the content examples) should be a huge help.

Edit: The collision documentation might be helpful here

hmm, can i make it so when i reach the finish or whatever, a text pops up that says: you win. just for a start?

  1. add a trigger to the position of the finish line
  2. in the details panel you have to set the collision to pawn
  3. now add a reference to your trigger into the level blueprint + an event
  4. now you just have connect it with a umg action -> :slight_smile:

Please i need help making a finish line, can you make a video on it?