Finish line for Endless runner

I follow the Endless Runner tutorial on the UE4 Doc and it works great.: )
Even if the title is Endless Runner, is there any way to make a finish line for that? : )

I appreciate your helping! : )

if you do that with that tutorial than there is a box collision in your ground bp when do you want to finish? with time or after number of gound pass

first with time:

in character bp or level bp it doesnt matter look my first photo

second with that box collision:

look second photo :slight_smile:

I appreciate so much your helping! ; )

I tired both of them, however it dose not working…
Since I have two level and I want to make ending scene for each, I think to finish with time ; )

I test it with 3 second to connect with print string.
The text show up on level, but It dose not end.
I guess it need a target to destroy actors? ; )

Is there any problem with my BP…? ; )

:smiley: that destroy actor is just a showcase :slight_smile: remove it :slight_smile:

I see : ) I connect it to open level and set the ending scene : )
Thank you so much !
I appreciate your helping ! : )