Finish Execute node 'Success' not triggering correctly

Hi guys

I’m following a tutorial on how to make AI characters move. I believe I have most of the set-up correct, however my character is not moving when I choose to play or simulate. The problem seems to be that, even though I have ‘Success’ ticked on the Finish Execute node, when I play and watch that window in the debug mode I see constant flickering between all the nodes - as you can see in this screenshot (which is paused), my target point is getting a value, however this value changes before my actor has even had a chance to move to it:

According to the tutorial, this would happen if you are using a Selector node in the Behaviour Tree and not setting the finish execute to ‘Success’, but I have and it still happens.

One step in the behaviour tree fires the ‘pick random location’ task and the next goes back up to the root, and then the cycle repeats:

Any ideas why this might be?


My task blueprint is also below in case that helps clarify what I’m trying to do

Bumping for possible response. Am wondering if it’s due to Blackboard changes in version 4.3 of the editor? The tutorial I followed says to create a key named Target_Point and set it to be a BlackBoardKeyType_Vector, however this isn’t possible in the new Blackboard. I seem to have two options:

  • Create a new Vector key called Target_Point (no option to set it to BlackBoardKeyType_Vector)
  • Create a new Object key called Target_Point and set it to be BlackBoardKeyType_Vector

I don’t know which of these is correct, if any. I have tried both though,seemingly with no luck.

I’ve also noticed that I don’t get the debug information within Blackboard that the video tutorial version of this (Twitch) suggests was present in the old blackboard:

Your supposed to use a Sequence node instead of a Selector Node there.