Finish Delay Early?

Hello! I am trying to make a simple Super saiyan Mechanic where I have to Mash A set number of buttons before a timer Ends, I can not figure out the best way to do this, so currently I have it doing a timer by event and the timer is set to 5 secs and the player has to mash the F key to increment a integer variable and after the timer finishes if the variable is above 10 do the transformation aka play animation, and spawn aura and stuff.

What I want to happen is have the timer finish when the player has reached above the correct amount and still fire the timers event.

I have tried doing this through delays but that wasnt nice at all but I would still like to know if its possible to finish a timer event early and still fire the event or to set a delay and finish the delay early? are these an option in unreal engine.

Also if anyone has a better way to implement this IE I want to be able to Go ssj1 then be able to continue into going into SSJ2 and so on I have this done by once SSJ1 is done to set a Bool to be able to trigger ssj2 aka Mash the X button instead of F I am trying to accomplish real time button mash events but cant find a smooth nice way to do this…

You can’t stop a delay, but you can stop a timer. Something like this, maybe?