Finer control over the execution order of replication between different objects.

I was hoping it would be possible to prioritise the order in which RepNotifies are triggered when objects are recieved. This may already possible but if not consider it a feature request.

In my example case I have a ‘Playable Area Volume’, which as it decribes determines the size of the playing area in a given map. Because this volume can change at runtime, it’s properties are replicated from the Server to clients. This volume replicates it’s data as early as possible, i.e. as soon as the world is loaded up. This size of the volume is used to determine a spatial hash grid for all of my game objects, so it needs to replicate before those objects do in most cases.

The issue is that if an object is spawned as the level loads up, and the Playable Area has not yet fired it’s OnRep_PlayableAreaUpdated() or whatever - then the tree isn’t yet built, and therefore I can’t find it in the tree. I can program around this and do have a workaround at the moment (otherwise it would fail 90% of the time), but I’d rather avoid doing this because it involves iterating the entire grid for each object in this case.

What would be nice, is if I can set the priority of the RepNotify relative to other actors, so I can set it to something stupidly high to garauntee that it will trigger it’s repnotifies before anything else. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyway to specify what order RepNotifies will execute in, and having this option would save me some headaches.

Overall though, it would be nicer to have a little more control over replication. Currently you pretty much have to code around the idea that you can never garauntee the order of anything, and that means lots of extra code.