Findr voidr: A VR 360 VOYAGE


I wanted to share with you a personal project: FINDR VOIDR. It’s a VR music voyage for the Oculus Rift & all other VR headsets. I built it using UE4.7 and few assets from the marketplace as well as made the music using Ableton Live. I originally built out a VR rig inside of the engine to capture scenes but I later used Allar’s 360 plugin to capture left and right eye. The project was featured at an immersive installation at this years III Points Interactive Festival in Miami, Florida. I’m uploading the experience to Oculus Share tonight. Message me if you want me to send it over for you to try out!

The experience is an adaptation of Julio Cortazar’s “The Night Face Up” mixed with a DMT trip.


All feedback welcome!