FindPathToActorSynchronously seems to be missing in Engine Version 4.21.2?

Hey Guys,

I’ve hit a road block in my code, :eek: the function FindPathToActorSynchronously seems to be missing from intellisense/Library?

Can any verify in fact that it is missing and what do I use in in it’s stead?

Here is the error string = ‘FindPathToActorSynchronously’: is not a member of ‘UNavigationSystem’

Ive done a forward declare Class on UNavigationSystem…but it’s telling me that FindPathToActorSynchronously is just not a member, but it used to be a member…

In 4.17.2 Unreal Engine Version this was working and now it’s not…

What do I do guys?

Why are they taking things out like this?


So am i SOL???

It’s now inside UNavigationSystemV1 in NavigationSystem.h

Fantastic!!! I cannot thank you enough, this was a major show stopper!!