Finding your old posts sorted by date?

Hi! I found that it’s finally time for me to update my project to the newer UE4 engine versions due to there being enough features added at this point that it’s worth it.

However, along the way I have gradually encountered and found out about said features through posting on the forums and learning that they would solve some of my goals and problems.
The thing is, I remember some of them being really big deals that brought me to the tipping point of porting to a new version already back then, but not quite, and now I can’t for the life of me figure out what some of them were!

Normally on forums it would be enough to just click on my profile and check my history, but it appears to be quite broken here and only shows the last few posts and repeats them if you press “show more”.

Any suggestions on how I can figure out what I was told about in the past?