Finding work?

So I originally posted this to the off topic forums but I don’t think many people will see it there…so I will post it here instead.
Hey UE users. I am curious, how many of you have been laid off? I currently am one of two inventory managers for 5 gas stations owned by a family company. Thus due to covid-19 they are having to lay off workers and close a couple stores. So not only are we a small town with a small community, but where I work is also essential services for this town. Being that the company isn’t part of any franchise, IE Exxon, Shell, Speedway, ect, we are technically at risk of full closures. I was laid off yesterday. I am still promised a job once the world is able to open back up once there is a decrease in covid. I am one of my bosses right hand men, but he can’t afford me while keeping the business afloat. My wife suffers from multiple sclerosis with no treatments…mostly due to the fact most treatments are experimental and well, we just can’t financially pay for them. I also have two teenage girls which, my oldest was trying to make us take more of her money from work to pay for things. My child should not be offering money she should be saving for college because of a virus. granted how sweet they both are, I am just wondering if anyone knows any companies doing remote jobs due to this pandemic? I have played with UE a lot, but have never used it at a career level. With everything I have going on I don’t even have time to build something of my own. Although…I do have a project I’m going to try to build to make some income with an old computer that barely runs UE, but I was hoping this covid thing may be a foot in the door somewhere. I would also be happy just to get a game of my own out, but I feel like by the time covid goes away I would only be partially through the build, and then left aside to get some normality back to life.
Anyway sorry about the panicky feel to the post, but I needed to sort of vent also. Any advice? I don’t want to sound like I’m looking for handouts either, I just want to give hard work and get happy results. Thanks guys! Stay safe.

Sorry to hear about your situation. This is going to be a global depression so unfortunately many of us will suffer layoffs. Those who haven’t are often in precarious situations nonetheless.

Yeah, I figured that was the case, but am always interested in how others situations vary with mine. I figure I’m going to be working on my own project, so I just hope I have enough knowledge to put something out in a much faster rate than I believe I would normally take. But thank you for your input. Keep it coming people, I’m sure we all need to vent or even just say what our issues are to heal from covid pretty much crippling the planet.

Sorry to hear that you and your family has to go through these hard times. Maybe it is a opportunity to build a business around Unreal Engine, that might change your life.
Wish you all the best!

A lot of people are looking for work now. I thought that the situation is better now, but when I read comments on trustsession and other forums, I understood that some people struggle. Also, a lot of them need professional help after months of self-isolation.
It’s a pity.
I hope everyone stays safe at such a time.