Finding Tribe data in blue scripting

Hey does anyone know how to find the players tribe data through blue scripting? I figured out how to tell if someone is in a tribe but can’t find nothing as far as figuring out the tribe name or to test if player belongs to such tribe name. I usually figure things out and feel like this might be something the Devs might need to shine some light on but if anyone else knows please shed some light. At the moment there is not enough documentation for Ark modding so some things are just trail and error lol.

Hi salcarr,

You should look at the SoTF Total Conversion example for that. There is a funtion called Get Tribe Data that you can break down and select informations about tribes (list of playes, ID, …)

Yea I tried that already, it doesn’t work. I believe you need the tribe ID, leaving it as 0 doesn’t do anything. Couldn’t find anything helpful in the Sotf BPs either.

Never mind, someone pointed something out that I didn’t realize and I was able to get tribe info :slight_smile:

Could be useful to explain how you did it if other have the same issue than you :wink:

Sure, basically all I needed to do was cast to player pawn test then with the results under variables is the get tribe name. This basically gives me the tribe name of the player and that was it. So I was forgetting to cast :smiley: