Finding The Path: Dynamic events using sequencers

Hey, it us again!

We’ve been on quite an adventure developing The Path, and we want to show you some of our challenges and solutions.

First of all…

Picture this: a maze where the columns rise and fall every few minutes, completely altering the landscape. It’s like the ground beneath the player’s feet is playing its own game. Exciting, right? But let me tell you, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.


Challenge 1: The Case of the Flying Players

When we introduced blueprints into the sequencer, we noticed that objects in the game retained their momentum even when stationary. This resulted in players being unexpectedly launched across the map in the direction the object had previously been moving. It was quite the surprising flight.


Replacing the bp in these pillars was the solution that worked for us; we’re unsure why some bps were problematic while others weren’t.

Challenge 2: Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

When we attached an actor to another within a sequencer and set the option to maintain scale (the ‘keep world’ option), some objects decided to have a growth spurt and became gigantic.

After a bit of detective work, we found the culprit. The objects originally from Fortnite were causing the issue. So, we replaced these objects with our own.

But wait! Other complications arise as we keep building our living maze.

Challenge 3: Desynchronization

We encountered a desynchronization issue between sessions with the sequencers. This meant that for some players, the event had already occurred, while for others, it hadn’t. Imagine some players seeing a column raised while others saw it lowered. The collision detection was working fine, but visually, this desynchronization was causing confusion.


And here comes…

Challenge 4: The Newcomer’s Dilemma

When a new player entered a session that was already in progress, they would experience the event as if it were happening for the first time. The game failed to synchronize properly with the ongoing events, creating a disjointed experience for the new player.

Challenge 5: Out of Sight, Out of Sync

If you happened to tab out of Fortnite, for example, and a sequencer event occurred, your character would remain stationary and ignore the sequencer entirely. When you returned to Fortnite, your character would be repositioned to where it should have been during the event. However, there were cases where this repositioning didn’t happen correctly, especially when using certain features like the Falcon Scout.

So… we’re still working on overcoming those challenges and finding solutions in the development of The Path.


Hope this thread is also helpful if you are using sequencers! We are here to help too when possible!

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to reply with your experiences.

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