finding the local rotation of the camera

so im editing this from my last post, which talked about the camera manager and how it was messing with my camera and it’s children and all that jazz. well i figured out the problem, i was using the control rotation instead of camera rotation, which currently, i still cant figure out how to get. i know i can get relative rotation and world, but those add all the rotations of the animations of the socket my camera is connected to ( the head ). so basically i just need to find the local rotation of my camera to use for the base rotation in the manager, any suggestions on how i can do this?

Relative rotation is the “local rotation”.

Relative mean the rotation is not about the world space, but from the parent.
World is about the rotation in the “world”.

thanks for the info, is there aby rotation you know that wont affected by animations from the socket its connected to?

I think camerashake use something like a camera offset, but you need to dig in.

probably a good idea, thx for the help