Finding the difference between two floats

Im sure there’s a maths equation to work this out but maths is not my strong point.

How would I work out the difference between the two float values shown below?

Do you want to subtract one float from another? like 5.5 - 3.24? Then you just do float - float. UE4 has the node to do float - float.

Do you want to compare these float values with one another? Then you use a UE4 node called CompareFloat. It is a built in macro in UE4.

If you want to do something else, then please specify it properly in the question.

The problem I’m having with subtracting one from the other is that I am getting negative results as well as positive, I am using the values to control an RTPC in Wwise meaning I need the lowest value to be 0.

I am also wanting to connect the values to a print string in order to see clearly what the output values are

You can use the Clamp node to set the lowest value to be 0 (Or to whatever else you need) and the maximum value (In case you need that too)

A - B → ABS node to get absolute value. Or clamp it as suggested above if you want to stay in range.

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