Finding the best repository for storing larger projects

Hi! Me and my project programmer started to look for the appropriate repository to store and share our large ( currently 20 gigabytes size ) project between each of team members. We want to pin it up to editor as source control. At the beginning i have chosen the github ( 7$ plan) , but it ocurred that github has 1gb size of repository limit. Can anyone recommend me a repository ( other suppliers ) which will work with my 20gb project ?

Thank you

Do you really need to store the assets in source control (I assume that’s what makes the project 20GB)? Is that the common approach? I’m a newbie to UE4, so I am not sure what the typical practice is. Is it possible to separate out the assets and store them on a cloud server? You can get 100GB from Google for $1.99/mo.

Hey wielkithingything,

Have a look at running Perforce on an Amazon virtual server.

Perforce is free for groups with something like 9 users in them and Amazon is very reasonably priced.

It’ll be a bit of a pain to get up and going but featurewise streets ahead of the free hub stuff around.

Nice. I’ve worked on online projects before, using Maya though, so the project never really went so high up.
We’ve used Dropbox, one of them personal, another commercial (and thus professional). It went rather smooth, but Dropbox is a bit more pricey than others.

Let me know how it goes, as I plan to also do online projects using Unreal, but I’m a bit nervous about having big uploads and downloads as we progress through the game creation.

Though Google is my first choice in many things, and the pricing is great, I recently saw that getting a Family Subscription from Microsoft Office gives you 1 TB of OneDrive storage, Office, and some Skype minutes, all for like $99 a year… (and all this for 5 users each)

Hi. Currently I have chosen the cloudforge . It looks the most affordable options for small teams. For 30$ I got the 30gb free space account with access for 15 team members.
I will check the Perforce next month, currently our team consists of 8 people and about half of them needs to have constant access into the engine. So if the perforce for small groups was really free ( now the standard plan is 99$ ) then I would move from cloudforge to perforce, because it seems more advanced platform.

If any of you are thinking about using the MEGA, Dropbox, or Google Drive for storing and sharing your code and project data - forget it. The standard cloud server is not meant for it - you will get huge mess in your files already in the first day of use. It’s enough for one collaborator to push the save button by accident - and all the unwanted, undocumented changes get uploaded to other machines instantly. Regards

Most of the time it’s cheaper to buy a server of your own, plus it’s limitless and a one-time-only purchase.

Also, we definitely store assets in source control - including all of our Art Source.