Finding Talent

How do people go about finding talent? I’ve been given a multi-million dollar budget (capital on hand with more available if I ask for it) to start up a gaming studio from scratch and to develop a game. However, there is no gaming industry in my area. So, how do I go about finding people with the right skill sets that we are looking for? Amateurs and fresh graduates seem to be easily found but with out the right people in leading roles, I doubt we can make a viable game. If you were to look for experienced talent, how would you do so? Beyond simply cold e-mailing people, which doesn’t seem to work at all.

You could work with talent agencies and head hunters (i.e. They have access to a wide range of professionals from the industry. Many of the biggest studios do business with them. You could also advertise on a website such as Gamasutra (

Games Industry Recruitment Agencies:

Thanks for the suggestions Onoa :slight_smile: I’ll try those.

You can also find talents when you are browsing through forums :slight_smile: (especially in the “work in progress” and “released projects” section)

Anyone else doubt that this guy is the head of a multi-million-dollar project?

He very well could be. There is not telling where people get their money from. I will admit that it’s a bit weird to post something like that but in this day in age who knows what people have or do not have. The last studio I worked for started because the founders Grandfather did not want his grandson moving away so he gave him the capital to start a video game studio so it does happen.