Finding Sound File name from Sound Cue?

Anybody know if it’s possible to call the playing Sound file in a Sound Cue?

E.G There’s two sounds playing split by a random. Is there a way to find out which one is playing within Blueprints?

I’m creating a free Radio system in BP (Which is working great by the way!) and this is the final hurdle I need before being able to release

As thanks, whoever helps me will get a shout-out in the Radio System’s release (Again, it’s going to be free!)

i did a try on this because this is interesting and i don’t know if it will helps you but in my cue i got two wave player to a switch to output. In my blueprint based on the cue, from audio component i use set int parameter with “in name” : my switch name to change sound. As i set the parameter, i know which sound is played. Setting it in and use it to check in an array would be ok to show sound played. (there maybe is a better solution, but this one worked.)

But this wouldn’t work for more than two would it or even without having to call them manually?

As this is a switch you can add as much as entries as you want and if you use a delay based on wav time to switch it would be ok (yes, this is doing the job mixer i agree this is not cool and a better solution would exists, like basically having a get when you have a set for those parameters. I tried the get instance parameters but got nothing valuable. maybe i did wrong…)

Maybe opening a thread in epic feedback about it could be usefull…

I’ve been messing around but it seems it can’t be done FROM the Sound Cue system. Shame. :<

So, considering the feedback thread maybe a wav sound system radio would be better ? Like RadioArraySet.png
If it plays without action you’ll need to use, i suppose “is playing” to start new sound.

Ah! So a tick for IsPlaying when false it resets the chain? That’s a great idea! I’ll sort out a simpler version and throw it up here when I’ve figured it out!