Finding out Size of Fill area in umg

I was wondering if there is in anyway possible to get the current Desired Size for an area that doesn’t have Size set (aka it’s Fill 1.0 in a Vertical Slot).
I have my own Scrollbar widget put inside an Vertical Area with a Title on top of that. A previous parent size is set to 900 so What I want is to get that Scrollbars size in Vector2D which is now set to Fill.

Is there anyone that knows how to get that current Size? Get Desired Size just returns 0 so that is something I can’t use.

Any help would be greatly of use.


A massive +1 on this. Currently blocked because of it.

Would really like to bump this to see if there is anyone that knows an answer to this?

Still looking for a solution.

It took me some time but I kind of figured it out.

Basially I have my own Scrollbar widget that I made and I only want that widgets fill size. What you can do is like this. In your own scrollbar widget in the the function get the geology and from that you don’t get the desired size but you can get “Get Local Size”. This is something that you can’t get freely atm with a function so you need it from an Event Tick, Touch Started or like a Mouse Enter. I made an easy check that just gets it at the first Tick and then don’t do it anymore.

Hopefully Epic can put out a function for this in the future or at least an Output node in the Event Construct.
I’ve also tried to find Geology in the code but I couldn’t find where it gets created.

To summaries Wettrix’s answer to their own question: Yes it is easily achievable with two variables:

Get the widget’s geometry on the first tick:

Then get the local size from the geometry to get the widget’s size:

This works better than getting the widget’s slot as local size appears to work regardless of the container the widget is within. I am guessing due to the geometry being a struct you shouldn’t need to refresh it if the widget re-sizes as the local size should automatically update. I haven’t tested that though.