Finding mesh component location

I’m trying to find the location of a mesh component after I’ve ragdolled it and destroyed it’s collision capsule. For just one perfect second, I succeeded it, but then I changed something, installed an update, and after dozens of hours of tweaking, I still have yet to figure out what I did that worked before.

So what’s the best way you know of to find a mesh component’s location?

The Get World Location node is your best choice. And set the component as target.

That has been what I’ve been trying, but it seems it doesn’t work. The blood effect I spawn in appears all over the place, such as well above the monster’s head, or 20 feet behind him.

I think I might have used something different before, which did work, but like I said, I can’t figure out what I did. Hours of tweaking haven’t revealed the answer.

Did this fix you problem. if not ill help you.

I figured it out, although I can’t recall how I did it at this moment.